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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Supid is as stupid does

Some people at the Internet forums are overly concerned with fanboism arguments such as asking for non-evident expertise or superficial credential when presented with technical discussions. To me such behavior represents degeneration of human intelligence because they didn't even attempt to read, think, and debate with their brains before they make judgment. To them, anyone who spoke of things that are out of their comprehension must be insane, and they wouldn't even voluntarily improve themselves with information that are novel to them.

Stupid is as stupid does. If something is wrong,  then no matter what credential or expertise its performer claims, it is still wrong. When person X corrects the spelling of person Y, what X needs is a dictionary, not an argument that "because you're in primary school but I am the President." Bottom line: to say something is wrong, one needs to explain why; and he needs to understand the thing himself and make sure his understanding is valid first.

As I have discussed previously in my blog articles, it continues to amaze me how people can consciously believe marketing crap about the mythical IPC or bandwidth "numbers" of specific processors or benchmarks. Really, stupid is as stupid does. It doesn't matter where those numbers come from, when we have hard evidence or sound analysis proving them being either wrong or irrelevant.


Peter said...

LOL at the wikipedia warriors. All these regular forum fanboys are mostly adolescents without employment and usually have some form of mental disease (depression) so they hop onto wikipedia and start quoting new words they haven't seen before much less understand in an effort to stand out from the crowd. This is one of the downsides of the internet unfortunately.

abinstein said...

Well, I'm sure this is often the case. Some of them however seem to make a living by writing crap about processors, etc. It's very sad, indeed, because it's virtually impossible to have tangible technical discussion with these people. That's why I thought it's usually waste of time on those forums, if one's goal is anything technical.

Berto said...

1ยบ of all, I´m sorry but my english is very limited.

Today I read this web site for first time (traduced into spanish) despite not understanding all of things you are talking about because I´m a amateur on these issues but it`s a pleasure to learn about micro-architectures from people who knows what are talking about, and without fan-boys (people I can´t understand)

Thanks for your reports.

abinstein said...

Thank you Berto. I'm glad you find the articles interesting. Computer architecture is a fascinating field of modern knowledge, even without all the fanboism. :)

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